Copywriting Services

What excites you?

And me? Finding solutions. I’m genuinely excited to tap into our collective resources to create business changing content for you.

Distraction steals the details. I take on a limited number of projects at a time so my focus is laser-like and dedicated to your business needs.

> A fixed price is nice to know. After a web/phone consultation we agree on a fee for the whole project. Simplicity! You can also kick start proceedings by filling in the client brief template below and email to:

>> Alternatively, hire by the hour at £25 p/h (27.50/$33.50/¥3500)



Creative copy relating to anything requiring words.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social Media posts
  • Events
  • Straplines/ slogans
  • Promotional materials: brochures, pamphlets etc

In a range of tones and styles to suit your requirements.
The image of a suit wearing, boozing, ad man lingers like the smoke from their cigarettes, of a copywriter who jots some words down on a napkin and voila! – a multi-million pound slogan is born.
The reality is this: a lot of time will be spent researching your product, asking questions and taking notes in order to zoom in on the essence of what you want to achieve. It’s time. It’s a distillation. And attention to the details.

Content Creation

Primarily this relates towards writing content online.

  • Web page content
  • Articles

If you require thoroughly researched informational pieces or simply wish to update the copy on your website, you need content creation.
I have years of research experience, editing and proofreading: get the words you want, how you want.

Cat Scan

Many websites are not easy to navigate or use. Book a scan.

  • Optimising website user experience/ UX
  • Advice on website changes
  • Improving website copy

If your website is not clear and easy to use, you lose custom.
What you need is a Cat Scan. I analyse your website and make suggestions on what to improve from layout, colours, fonts, images, menus, toolbars and of course words- all to make the user experience easier, to keep visitors on your website and encourage repeat custom.

Let’s build something together.

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