‘Sell me this pen!’ A seemingly easy challenge, a frequently referenced scenario in sales. How can you sell something so basic? So utilitarian? So cheap and readily available? I took that idea, ran with it, and produced the examples below, really trying to get to something deeper than the idea of a pen just being a piece of plastic and ink:

Ubiquitous Bic

The gym. It conjures a love hate relationship for many. For some it’s an essential part of an enjoyable lifestyle, while others force themselves to go in a form of self-torture. Then there’s the ones who never go for a myriad of reasons – or excuses?

We wish we’d done a lot of things yesterday. The reality is obviously that we can’t, the examples illustrating that point with a dose of said reality.

Money can rarely be an issue in joining a gym with many chains offering monthly fees for under £20. What better way to show how affordable it is, than to juxtapose that fact with a visual representation of unhealthy foods which someone could eschew in order to go to the gym and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Iron, Works

Water is one of life’s necessities. Soft drinks live in a crowded marketplace inundated with various flavours, containing caffeine, and of course, sugar. So how does water stand out as a form of hydration with so many exotic competitors with addictive ingredients? Playing on Highland Springs ‘Brave New World’ campaign I came up with the following examples, with emphasis on being brave enough to avoid the unhealthy options:

Choose wisely

Wild wild west themed Red Dead Redemption is a huge success story for Rockstar, the same creator of the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto series. Red Dead took a little longer to catch on, but generated a large dedicated fan base meaning a sequel was essential, with Red Dead Redemption II launching late 2018. Channeling the spirit of the game led to the following very Western ‘fauxmo’ (promo) posters:

Rockstar Cowboy

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