Ubiquitous Bic

‘Sell me this pen!’ A seemingly easy challenge and a frequently referenced if stereotyped scenario in sales training. How can you sell something so basic? So utilitarian? So cheap and readily available? I took that idea, ran with it, and produced the examples below, really trying to get to something deeper than the idea of a pen just being a piece of plastic and ink, to connect with what it can do:

Highland Sprung

Water is one of life’s necessities. Soft drinks live in a crowded marketplace inundated with various flavours, caffeine, vitamins and of course, sugar. So how does water stand out as a form of hydration with so many exotic competitors with addictive ingredients? Playing on Highland Springs ‘Brave New World’ campaign I focused on the stripped back concept of water itself, with emphasis on being brave enough to avoid the unhealthy options:

Rockstar Cowboy

Wild wild west themed game Red Dead Redemption is a huge success story for Rockstar, the same creator of the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto series. Red Dead took a little longer to catch on, but generated a large dedicated fan base meaning a sequel was essential, with Red Dead Redemption II launching late 2018. The great thing with a cult-like product is there are many facets to play off in terms of what the customer knows about the game world already – Rockstar completely missed the opportunity. Channeling the spirit of the game led to the following very Western ‘fauxmo’ (fake promo) Instagram adverts:

Parc Here

‘Get away from it all’ has become a go to phrase for anything holiday related. The idea is of course, that we all get sick of our environment from time to time and want to leave it behind for something better, at least temporarily.

In our lives now, there is nothing more pervasive than technology. People have neck problems from looking at their phones so often! Many spend hours daily with eyes on a computer screen, tablet, or TV. While addiction to social media, emails, and the never ending search plays a part, on some level we yearn to break away from these traps of modernity.

Nature, wild animals, greenery, the crack of a twig underfoot, the sound of crunching leaves – we also yearn for those. Center Parcs are escapes away from technology, a chance to get in touch with a more primal part of ourselves, to feel enriched by natural surroundings without the pressures of people, or judgment and noise, or cramped space. You don’t have to look both ways in a forest.

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